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We see them everywhere, they are in our homes, phones and automobiles.  Micro-controllers of all shapes and sizes - Are the taking over the world?... Or is my imagination just getting the better of me again?...   But seriously, micro-controllers play a part in all our lives whether we like it or not.  From the beginning of time man has built machines and tools to help with the every day running of life and the very fact you have come to my pages proves that we still are...  Most people visiting this site are newcomers to the world of micro-controllers, looking for a better understanding of the PIC.  If that sounds like yourself, then you've certainly come to the right place.

These pages have had the same free code here for about 8 years and the site generates about 200 hits per week.  The IIC code and the serial routines are the most popular and it's not surprising, as they are a fantastic way of interfacing to the outside world.  Also by popular request is the RS232 cable.  Designed to take in the TTL levels from the controller on one end and the other plugs straight into your PC.  This is truly an excellent piece of hardware.  Also available here are PIC development boards to get you started. - Enjoy!

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