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RS232 Cable

Thank you for your interest in our RS232 cables.  

NOTE We are experiencing technical problems with the credit card merchant.  As a result, we are unable to provide you with this product at the moment.  If you wish to pre-order or would like to be sent an email when the problems have been rectified, please send an email to   Sorry for the inconvenience.

We will take all major credit cards and will ship to almost any country in the world (usually takes about 5 days to reach most places).  Shipped within 24 hours. From $2.56 USD anywhere in the world.

Cable Spec.

The cable has an inbuilt MAX232 (or equivalent) into a Dtype shell.  RS232 voltage levels at the PC end and a header at the TTL other end for easy interfacing straight onto your development board - Plug and play for the PIC.  Fantastic piece of equipment - you can be up and running in minutes!  It provides TX, RX, CTS and RTS signals.  Picture shows the D shell removed.

   $15.00 USD     


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